The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

They said it couldn't be done

But I've done it. I've made...the most obscure joke in the world.

In order to get it you must both know that an Italian invented transorbital lobotomy and be familiar with the anime/manga/webcomic Hetalia, in which various countries are personified, generally as handsome young men. Scatterbrained Italy is crazy about methodical soldier Germany, who tries and fails to make him understand basic military discipline:

Germany: It's time to start our training! You'll start with the things every soldier should know!...When your commander approaches?
Italy: I'll salute him! Then ignore him, sing, eat, and go to bed like an Italian!
Germany: Next lesson! What do you do when your enemy tells you to surrender?
Italy: That's an easy one, sir! Surrender immediately, kiss their butts, inform on our friends, sing, eat, and go to bed!
Germany: That's the same thing you do to me!

Japan: Germany, I think we need a team name.
Germany: Team name?
Japan: Hai. Italy and I thought about it earlier. What do you think about "Axis"?
Germany: ...Axis?
Japan: It means we are all connected together by an axis and when we prevail, the world will turn on that new axis.
Germany: Abstract. I was thinking Fire Death Team.
Tags: cartoons, hetalia
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