The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

I used to wonder what brine shrimp could be

By popular demand, here's another installment of "Things Authors Always Get Wrong." Truly, I never know what people will respond to. Except my renderings of various personages as My Little Ponys, I know you like those, so here is another:

Click for a larger version, in case you want My Little Bela as your desktop wallpaper. He is not one or two solid colors, but rather a shimmering shifting spectrum that cannot be captured by my freeware graphics program, so I approximated two aspects of the various blue-green-red-purple that makes him what for convenience's sake we call a turquoise. The hoofy bits (My Little Ponys don't really have hooves) are the cherry red that his ventral fins turn in direct sunlight. (The ventral fins are the long beautiful ones that trail down from his belly, which in his case branch delicately at the ends.) He is a pegasus, of course, so he can drift lazily through the sky, and he has no facial expression, because he doesn't. I'm not sure what his name would be as a My Little Pony: maybe he would be called Paddy. Or Nestor.

Lastly, because you already hate SOPA, I think you'll like Get Your Censor On. I should have drawn a picture of Bela attacking the square black censorship bar over the Google logo.
Tags: attentionauthors, beautiful crimson ventral fins, bela, copy-editing, fish, stix
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