The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

"This the Ruritania Guest House iss, ja?"

If there's one thing cartoons have taught me it's that Germans tend to be lovably addled scientists, when they aren't Nazis. But if there's another thing cartoons have taught me it's that Scottish waterfowl are skinflints. Why not commemorate Burns Night with an animated collision of stereotypes, as lovably addled scientist and vampire hunter Dr. Von Goosewing (accompanied by his imaginary assistant Heinrich) meets a Scottish vampire skinflint duck in this episode of Count Duckula?

Rory McDuckula: Can I be of any assistance?
Von Goosewing: A first-class room I had booked. Und anuzzer fift-class for Heinrich here.
Rory McDuckula: I see. So you need one room for you, and one for Mr. Here.
Von Goosewing: And vun for Heinrich.
Rory McDuckula: Three rooms?
Von Goosewing: Nein!
Rory McDuckula: Nine rooms?
Von Goosewing: Two rooms!
Tags: cartoons, heinrich! i got problems!, nazis, robert burns
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