The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Stripes and solids

I'm fostering a cat my friend Vince found on the street a couple of weeks ago. He's a teenager and has not been neutered -- the cat, not Vince -- and often, without warning, CAT PENIS, popping out like the blade of a lightsaber only noiseless. And conical. And spiny. The spines are because the female cat or queen does not ovulate unless the walls of her vagina are scraped. Aren't you glad that isn't true of humans? Aren't you also glad that we don't have litters of young, each of which can have multiple fathers? It is possible for fraternal human twins to have different fathers, a phenomenon with the excellent name superfecundation, but fortunately that hardly ever happens. (Attica was pregnant when we met and I used to sing to her: "Superfec, superfec, she's superfecund!")

Cat balls, in contrast, are not creepy or hideous. They're kind of cute, like fuzzy gooseberries, with the aesthetic advantage over human balls that they match the rest of the cat in color and texture. The carpet matches the rest of the carpet, as it were.
Tags: animals, stix, zomg cat
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