The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Eingewachsenen Ödipuskomplex

Eingewachsenen Ödipuskomplex means "ingrown Oedipus complex," which is a phrase Walter once used to justify lobotomy to a German-speaking audience. (I don't know if he translated it the way I have; his German was not so good, but doubtless it was better than mine.) Back in the day, and especially in Germany and environs, Freud was king of the psychiatric world, and your theories didn't have a chance if they didn't play nicely with his, so Walter and the other organicists sometimes had to contort their reasoning like this in order to make their methods seem orthodox. Of course the patient is crazy because he wants to fuck his mother, we wouldn't dream of denying that, but we can scramble his brains so good he'll stop being unhappy about being crazy because he wants to fuck his mother, and then we all win, see?

Anyway, I found this in a notebook the other day and it made me laugh. Also I like this picture of Walter I found recently, which gives you a good view of his uneven shoulders:

He looks so serious as he gazes off into the distance, presumably at a world without mental illness. But the effect is mitigated by that tie.

Incidentally, hive mind, while I've got your attention, does anyone know where I could get a cheap version of Acrobat X Pro for Mac? I need it for an editing gig and I'd rather not pay a million billion dollars.
Tags: photos, sigmund freud, stix, walter freeman
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