The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Plot twist!

DING! That's the bell that rings whenever Jonah thinks of someone besides himself. You have not heard it before and will not hear it again.

This is a big chunk of verses, but I wanted this particular series all at once. Look at all that happens here! First, dig how the sailors freak out when they learn just which god's wrath they're experiencing. This guy's a Hebrew! Game over, man! I love that about the Hebrew Bible, how it freely acknowledges that there are other gods and even that those gods have some power. Remember Moses playing any-snake-you-can-conjure-I-can-conjure-better with the Egyptian priests? I'd look up chapter and verse but I'm too tired, I spent about an hour and a half moving that damn dove's eye around to make it look up at Jonah in the last panel. And I'm not sure I succeeded. Anyway, the point is that everyone on that ship has a god, no one expects the sailors to convert to Judaism, a word I think didn't even exist yet, hell they even know how badass the Hebrew god is but until he directly affects their lives there's no call for them to have any truck with him. I like that system. Can we all go back to that system?

Once again the sailors show admirable sangfroid, despite their terror. (I guess you don't go into sailing as a career if you can't keep it together during a storm.) They figure out Jonah is the problem; then they ask him which god they've pissed off; then they ask him how to appease that god. And then, mirabile visu! Jonah, faced with a choice between everyone probably dying and only him probably dying, tells the sailors to throw him overboard. It's not much of an act of altruism, but I think it counts.

And this verse is remarkable for another reason: it marks the first time in the book that Jonah actually makes a prediction. Isn't that nice, that he signals his willingness to prophesy by starting immediately? You win, God. See? I'm predicting the future. I'm predicting the hell out of the future. Now will you stop killing everyone?

Guys, only five more verses until the fish shows up. I'm so excited for the fish.
Tags: stix, the bible, the book of jonah
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