The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Nobody choosed anything!

Oh, that goofy predicate nominative. Do you know the old predicate nominative joke? A woman knocks on the door of Heaven. "Who is it?" asks Saint Peter. "It is I," she responds. "Go away," he says, "we don't need any more English teachers!"

Now that my Ghostbusters show is over and I've finally caught up on all the work I was ignoring, I can get back to drawing the Book of Jonah. I've missed him. In the next few days I want to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and finally bask in the glory of all those Neo-Assyrian relics. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow, which happens to be my birthday. I am going to buy myself a birthday snail, I think, which is not any kind of euphemism -- I have long wanted an apple snail for Bela's tank, and have hesitated in getting one only because one does hear horror stories of Siamese fighting fish attacking the innocent creatures and particularly biting their alluring wavy tentacles savagely. But Bela has never displayed the slightest sign of aggression toward anything that wasn't both dark and square, so I'm inclined to think he'll leave a round yellow thing alone. (There are dark-colored apple snails, but I won't get one of those.)

Happy birthday to me!

The German word for "snail" is Schnecke, and if I do end up with a snail, I can draw comics about it that I will call schnex. I learned that word in conversation with a friend who happens to be the only person in Germany who doesn't care about football. Since Germany is playing Italy right now in the European Cup semifinal, he is probably the only person in the whole country with nothing occupying his attention. He should take the opportunity to break into people's cars or run around naked in the streets or something. Just a suggestion!
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