The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Another fine Hess

Of nine Günter panels, I've drawn him smiling in only two, once as he stalks an American soldier and once as he talks to Leni Riefenstahl. His life is a complicated one.

Rudolf here is the first uniformed Nazi I've ever drawn -- only the second Nazi ever, after Leni. I think I captured him quite well: he turns out to have been quite distinctive in appearance, with eyebrows like a gorilla's forearm and a jaw formed of right angles. He actually wasn't bad-looking, if you like guys with square heads. I don't know if he had his hair done like that intentionally to complement his jaw, but it makes him look like one of the Blockheads from a Gumby cartoon.

Separated at birth?

That Hess slept with huge magnets both under and over his bed in order to suck out bad humors, and that he believed they could counter the aforementioned Jewish witchcraft (long distance!), comes to us from the Nuremberg testimony of Felix Kersten, Himmler's masseur. You can read about it in a book called The Surreal Reich by Joseph Howard Tyson. I was tipped off to all of this by the excellent Twitter feed Weird History, which you should follow if you aren't already. People in the past sure liked talking about excrement!
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