The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Cat of fish

I got a cat. It took a while. Attica's been dead almost five years.

This is Nineveh:

She was a rescue, and she came with the name DJ, but obviously that had to go. I considered calling her Hecate, after the Greek liminal goddess mentioned in Shakespeare, because she likes to lie on thresholds; but at under a year she is not nearly stately enough. (And just look at that goofy face.) Besides, the vet said her profile indicates Oriental shorthair ancestry, and Nineveh is an Oriental name. An Oriental name of uncertain meaning, but that might mean "place of fish." (The vet also said she is an "old, wise soul" but I don't know about that, the other night she rolled over so extravagantly that she fell right off my desk.)

Nineveh is not quite a tuxedo, but properly of the pattern called "mask and mantle," which in practical terms makes her appear to be wearing a tuxedo several sizes too small. I prefer to think of her as being draped in sackcloth. She has big gold eyes that were much exclaimed over at the vet's. "Like Venetian coins!" cried the vet tech. She rarely makes a sound, even when hungry; when she wants my attention she rubs furiously against me. She is a good kitty, even if she does walk directly in front of my feet whenever I go to the kitchen.

At the moment she is the only healthy member of the household (I'm mostly better but still coughing and Bela still has patches). I'm giving this "pet that will last longer than ten minutes" thing a try.
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