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More than Milton can

I drew this in a bar, appropriately. With pen, because I'd left my pencil at home.

Recent evidence suggests that beer and human cohabitation with cats are about the same age -- ten thousand years. Previously it had been thought that cats and humans had been living together for under four thousand years. Based on that outdated information I wanted to make a joke about how writing and cats were harder than drinking and dogs, which is certainly true, but I can no longer in good conscience suggest that it's because of their dates. It breaks down like this, according to current estimates: domestication of dogs, fifteen thousand years ago; beer and cats as companions, ten thousand years ago; written language, five thousand years ago. I don't refer to cats as "domesticated" because, while it's a flexible category, they certainly aren't domesticated in the same way that dogs are: they have fairly specific dietary requirements, and while they're useful to us for pest control -- they're not freeloaders -- they don't generally recognize us as anything like a pack leader. Depending on the situation they seem to regard us either as mother cats or incompetent kittens who need to be fed and groomed despite our monstrous size. The dog's eagerness to please is present at a cellular level: it will become enormous or tiny, it will shape itself into a tube to pursue badgers or grow webbed toes to swim better, according to human preference; but cats are all pretty much the same. There are distinctions, but no alien visitors would be surprised to learn that Birmans and Maine coons are the same species, as they might be to learn that Great Danes and Chihuahuas are. It still kind of surprises me!
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