The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Must one be hard?

Sometimes I get these ideas and I have no idea if they even make sense outside the confines of my skull. You may not know, if you don't live in New York, that our subways are plastered with posters saying IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING and encouraging you to alert transit cops if you see an unattended package because something something terrorism. It's such a strange slogan, though. fivetonsflax calls it the three-year-old's motto. It makes me think of the things I might see and feel compelled to comment on. And you may remember that I had this Meine Kleine Pony lying around from a while ago, so, uh. I mean, obviously.

The real Frederick the Great loved greyhounds and kept lots of them, all of them female. (I don't know the reason for this, though I suspect it may just be that he found dog balls unaesthetic.) Anticipating the Internet by nearly three hundred years, he wrote poetry and letters as his dogs, including a series of courtly love letters from his greyhound Biche (French for "doe"; Frederick disliked German and spoke French whenever possible) to his sister Wilhemina's spaniel Folichon (who wrote back, naturally). In her letters, Biche was kind enough to say that her master the king was almost as wise as a dog himself, though sadly he was unwilling to go on all fours. When Biche died, Frederick wrote his sister in his own voice:

I have a domestic bereavement which has quite upset my philosophy. I confide all my weaknesses to you; I have lost Biche, and her death has reawakened in me the loss of all my friends, especially of him who gave her to me. I am ashamed that a dog should have so troubled my soul; but the sedentary life I lead, and the faithfulness of the poor animal, had made me so devoted to her, her sufferings moved me so much, that I must confess to you that I am sad and melancholy. Must one be hard? Must one be callous? I think anyone capable of indifference towards a faithful animal will not be more forthcoming towards his own species, and that, if one must choose, it is better to be too feeling than too hard.

Considering how Fritz felt about his greyhounds, I couldn't very well not include one, because if he were to be walking around the New York City subway system as a My Little Pony I'm sure he'd have one with him. Bonus: no need to draw dog balls.
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