The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

How does babby converse?

Folks, you are looking at the very first comic created with my extremely sexy little handheld document scanner, bought for the purpose of stixing on the go. I'm on the go now, in a Berkeley café. Every time I'm in Berkeley I am on high alert in case Walter J. Freeman III should come into view. I'm bad at differentiating people with similar features, though, and Berkeley is so full of white-bearded old professor types that it's possible I've seen him at some point and just not realized who it was.

This comic features Luna, now three and a half and looking more like a tiny copy of my sister every day, with my sister's pale green eyes, wildly curly hair, and prominent brow to hold all those brains. (A "lofty domed forehead," like Dracula's.) I find talking to small children very interesting. Adults typically conform their speech to the Gricean maxims, but three-year-olds do not, so following their conversational zigzagging is like playing a game of crack-the-whip. "There are two kitties we see out there. Their names are Gray-Gray and Orangey." "Do you like kitties, Luna?" "No. I like babies." "Some people like cats and babies." "I don't." That's another thing about Luna: she has very firm ideas. Fond as she is of her big brother, I can see already that's she's not going to be the kind of youngest sibling who looks to the oldest for guidance on everything. Good for her!
Tags: aglet, doctor three, luna, stix, teethfamily
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