The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

The night sea journey and penises

As that's Aramaic Jonah is speaking, I suppose the exclamation point should be on the left. Oh well. I got the characters from some fragments of a ninth-century-BCE stele excavated at Tel Dan. Aramaic wouldn't become the everyday language of the Hebrews for a while yet, but I figure Jonah can speak it, because that's the only way he'd be able to make himself understood by all the people he meets. And being understood is a prophet's job, after all; if he really did show up to talk to me, I imagine he'd speak English, somehow. Or he'd bring along someone to translate, as Aaron spoke on behalf of Moses. That could be the premise of an urban fantasy novel: an American professor of ancient Near Eastern languages becomes the mouthpiece for a resurrected biblical prophet.

Sorry if the words are uncomfortably small, incidentally. Their meaning is uncomfortable in a different way. The quote is from a psychoanalyst whose name really was Hyman Fingert, which might go a long way toward explaining his choice of vocation. Personally I prefer Jung's concept of the night sea journey; I'll tell you about that sometime.
Tags: stix, the book of jonah
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