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Smoked like an eel

I like Graham Greene. Did you know he was runner-up for the 1961 Nobel Prize in Literature? They gave it to Ivo Andrić, whoever that is. Maybe I should do a thing where I read a bit of everyone who got it. I’ve already got my man Sinclair Lewis -- I’m rereading Babbitt now, in fact -- William Faulkner, though the only things of his I really like are As I Lay Dying and "A Rose for Miss Emily" -- Doris Lessing (whom I don't get), Ernest Hemingway (ditto), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (ditto), John Steinbeck (not since I was forced to read him in junior high), Rudyard Kipling (Walter's favorite poet, unsurprisingly), William Butler Yeats (accidentally, more or less), George Bernard Shaw, Eugene O’Neill (I'm depressed enough already, thanks), William Golding (ditto), Pearl S. Buck (not any of the stuff that really counts), Hermann Hesse (wevs), T. S. Eliot (because he's unavoidable), oh and of course Albert Camus (The Stranger FTW), Jean-Paul Sartre (the stuff about Jews and why antisemites are stupid), Isaac Bashevis Singer (more stuff about Jews), Samuel Beckett (of course), and Toni Morrison (wasn't impressed, but I was in high school and hence kind of dumb). Plus partial credit for having read not V. S. Naipaul but his little brother Shiva.

Anyway, the comic. Only the last panel is a reference to a single particular piece, the short story "Chagrin in Three Parts," in which our male narrator eavesdrops on two Frenchwomen seated near him at a restaurant, one of whom is seducing the other. When I think of Graham Greene writing about homosexuality I think first of "May We Borrow Your Husband?" but I think a man writing about lesbianism is more interesting.

"I have never loved a woman," Madame Volet said.
"Chérie, then you do not know what love can mean. With a woman you do not have to be content with une façon classique three times a day."
"I love Paul, but he is so different from me in every way..."
"Unlike Pauline, he is a man."
"Oh Emmy, you describe him so perfectly. How well you understand. A man!"
"When you really think of it, how comic that little object is...Perhaps smoked like an eel one might enjoy it."

The cat is fast asleep. That's a good idea.
Tags: albert camus, doris lessing, ernest hemingway, graham greene, rudyard kipling, sinclair lewis, stix, william faulkner
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