The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

If you find a box marked Limbs, don't open it

But let's discuss two more cheerful things. First, I've been seeing cardinals out my window, males and females. Second, I learned yesterday about Hart Island, which is New York City's potter's field. The unclaimed dead are buried there, as well as amputated parts, which New York for some reason does not cremate. They are buried in boxes marked Limbs. I guess that second thing isn't precisely cheerful, but I find it interesting. Access to Hart Island is extremely limited or I would 581 percent go there. The few pictures that exist (many taken by people who broke the law to get them) show that it is very pretty, especially for those who like abandoned insane asylums (Hart Island has one of those), cemeteries (Hart Island has been one since the Civil War), and general lush green Turn of the Screw decrepitude. You know, this guy.

OK, here's a second thing that really is cheerful, in case you feel cheated. Nineveh likes to turn upside down on the desk next to me and put her head on my wrist or the back of my hand while I type. She's doing it right now.
Tags: americastoppushingiknowwhati'mdoing, nineveh, stix
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