The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Happy Canada Day!

I am plumb out of draw-juice at the moment, so have part of a page of Jonah. I'd like to thank the ancient Assyrians for building their magnificent cities out of baked clay bricks. In the intervening millennia, Babylon and Nineveh and Nimrud have mostly melted. In fact Nineveh wasn't rediscovered until 1847, because on the surface it's just a scattering of big clay lumps. A guy named Sir Austen Henry Layard thought to dig under the clay lumps and found -- to his own surprise, and that of the Iraqis -- the palace of Sennacherib, who sacked Jerusalem, and the library of Ashurbanipal, which contained among many other things the Epic of Gilgamesh on a clay tablet. If like the Egyptians the Assyrians had built their wonders out of stone, I wouldn't have carte blanche to put stela and ziggurats wherever I want. Here we see a ziggurat (modeled after the remains of the one at Ur) overlooking the Tigris. Here we also see something nearly as remarkable: my first attempts at drawing people not facing mostly forward. Those are Hebrew slaves being driven by an Assyrian soldier while Jonah looks on. They're climbing stairs, too. There's perspective all up in this piece.
Tags: drawing, stix, the book of jonah
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