The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Atone it down

See, the joke is that it's hard for me to fast. That's OK, though, because it's supposed to be hard. I didn't work on Jonah on Yom Kippur because one isn't supposed to work (though Jonah is the text for that day), but I have been working on him a bunch. Only seventeen verses to go! Then I get to apply the commentary to each page with surgical precision and write an introduction and put together a bibliography and design the covers and so on. And there's an extra page I'm planning to write and draw about What People Imagine It Was Like in the Whale, complete with magic glowing pearl and Jonah whipping it out to scare Leviathan. Because there's a story, which I did not make up, about Jonah whipping it out to scare Leviathan. Actually, I should probably leave that part out. I want people to buy this book for their kids.
Tags: judaism, stix, the book of jonah
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