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Job interview this afternoon. Nervous. Should be sleeping. Not that I'm normally asleep at this hour, but I don't normally have to be coherent and presentable before nightfall, either.

I had to stop proofreading this pregnancy and childbirth book I'm working on. I found myself staring fixedly at the word "their," unable to accept the fact that it was not misspelled. There comes a point, in the middle of the night, when everything starts looking misspelled. It's just that tonight it came earlier than usual, because I'm nervous. I haven't had an interview since I got my last office job, and that was four years ago.

Today's interview is with Silverman Publishing, a company specializing in nonfiction books for children and teenagers. They want a freelancer, and if they want to meet me in person, they probably want an in-house freelancer. And if they want an in-house freelancer, a steady or semi-steady paycheck may be involved. God, that would be sweet.

Also, Bantam Doubleday recently sent me a copy editing test in the mail, along with a remarkably terse cover letter that failed to explain what had prompted them to do this. I guess I must have asked them for it, but if I did it was a long time ago and I certainly don't remember. It's as if the test homed in on me, unstoppable, like Harry Potter's invitation to Hogwarts. The implications of this are favorable.

Total word count: 60,400
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