The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

He is somewhat ominous-looking in the fanart icon, though

Jeremy likes to meet nice people! He likes to meet all kinds of people, actually. He's much more social than I am. And though I was a terrible writer when I invented him, because I was seventeen, I have to give myself credit for one thing: pretty much from the beginning, whenever I imagined interacting with him, as of course I occasionally did, I imagined him as regarding me with this same amused tolerance. He was never dark and tormented; I thought that was boring even twenty years ago (though I did give him a rather Sandmanny appearance). He's simply trying to have a good time in a world in which it seems most people are emphatically not having a good time, they're too worried about crops or border skirmishes or whatever. I even gave him the most fairy-talish downer of an origin I could think of: he is the son of a poor woodcutter and his wife. They were super nice to him, though, because I also thought the trope of killer-as-abused-child was boring as hell. I was a lousy writer back then, but I had pretty decent narrative perception. Good for you, seventeen-year-old me!

So yeah, Maine. If you're anywhere nearby, you should go. I'm going all the way from down here in New York, which is not a trip to the corner store. Now, the copies I've ordered for the con will be the first ones ever to exist, which means they're also the proofs -- there's a chance I'll want to change something about them before making Jonah available for sale online to the rest of the world. But rest assured that comes next. Probably in like a week or so. UNLESS SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS AND I HAVE TO REDO THE WHOLE THING
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