The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Ten! It rhymes with men!

Mandatory man number ten is a beardy academic, an artist who also teaches art. And likes Borges. Again with the Borges! So I said if we met up we could at least talk about how much we like Borges. HOW ABOUT THEM LABYRINTHS, HUH? I also said that while I am not myself an academic I was raised by one and like them (it's kind of like being raised by wolves). I considered mentioning the way-prestigious art department my father used to actually run, but decided that would be more appropriate if I were trying to get my father a date with a beardy academic, and he's quite happily married to my mother (a beardless statistician).

Dr. Beardy is also a "Yes, but only if they were obese," but I've decided not to let this stop me because have you noticed how men tend to be kind of oblivious to their own romantic behavior? Like if asked they'll say "no fatties" but in practice they might not have a problem with fatties? Psychiatrists call that poor insight though usually they are talking about schizophrenia or OCD, not online dating.

Still hoping to hear from the fish robot guy. Or any of these guys. Him a little more than the others, though.
Tags: jorge luis borges, mandatory man, teethfamily
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