The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Stay me with flagons

So OkCupid has been experimenting on me and it was mostly a cesspit anyway, right? In the years I've been on there I got two un-cesspit things: one good friend, and one two-week fling with a emotionally crippled Frenchman WHO NEVER EVEN TOLD ME I WAS PRETTY AND I HOPE HE DIES ALONE THE WAY I'M whoa, that sentence kind of got away from me. Anyway, I'm putting the mandatory man on hold until I can get profiles going on some other sites, which, I know, will probably not be much better, but I have to act as if my behavior has some effect on my environment or I'll get the learned helplessness. I'm rather prone to that.

I'm going to leave my profile up for a while, though, in case anyone responds to my messages. And again, I know no one will, but I have to act as if it's possible, right? Right??? That's how, by some psychological alchemy, it becomes possible. Also, don't slouch. And would it kill you to smile?

So, JDate, probably. HowAboutWe, which purports to actually get one out of the house. Not Tinder, because I'm not on Facebook. Not eHarmony, which I've tried and which kept matching me up with sad-sounding divorced dudes with kids. (Almost always two kids. People get divorced after the second kid, I guess. If you want to stay married, stop at one.) Maybe Plenty of Fish? Maybe
Tags: mandatory man
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