The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

OK, hear me out: lobotomy-themed ASMR YouTube channel. Me as a nurse with a really soothing voice explaining to the relatives what the procedure entails, me as a nurse with a really soothing voice taking the patient's temperature and checking pupillary reflexes after surgery, stuff like that. Lots of messing around with thermometers and administering antiemetics and that kind of thing. I wouldn't even have to come up with original material, I could just read from Walter's copious writings. In a really soothing voice. I do in fact have a rather ASMR-y voice, it's nice and low -- I used to sing tenor in the high school choir -- I'd just have to talk about half as fast and half as loudly as I normally do. A nice husky "targeted destruction of neural connections in the frontal lobe, for the relief of anxiety and intractable pain" to send you right off to sleep. I could get a whole cult following of high-strung people and make a sweet chunk of ad revenue.
Tags: head injury playhouse, lobotomy, maybelikethreepeoplewillfindthisfunny, seriouslywhatismyproblem, thisisgodsplanlmao, walter freeman
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