The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Gregor and Grete

This section of Paradise Lost reminds me of Walter, or rather thinking of Walter reminded me, the other day, of this section of Paradise Lost, which might not be so affecting out of context, but which I find chilling: it's from the part in Book IV where Satan first sees Adam and Eve, and thinks how beautiful they are, and how he'd like to love them, and then he starts thinking that he loves them so much that he wants to keep them forever. And he can't be blamed if they don't like it, because it's God's fault for setting the whole thing up. Just so Walter would say that lobotomy might be a "primitive" procedure, and that it might rob patients of their "sparkle," of "some flavor of the personality," but wasn't that better than the suffering and uselessness of insanity? He wasn't the bad guy, it was mental illness that was the bad guy, and he was just striking back at it as well as he could. But really what makes me think of this passage is that Walter really loved his patients. He corresponded with some of them for years, he visited them, he wrote letters to their employers saying they were fit for work, he even probably had an affair with at least one of them -- which is horrible and wrong, but horrible and wrong in a fond way, as Satan is fond of Adam and Eve. In your suffering, in your brokenness, both of them might have said, you give me meaning.

The Walter in the upper left corner came out looking a bit like a Fairly OddLobotomist, so I gave him the floaty crowny thing. Then I made him more Satanic, and then I drew a bonus Kafka. I was going to draw Gregor Samsa's younger sister Grete, but then someone actually gave me some work to do.
Tags: franz kafka, john milton, officelife, satan, stix, walter freeman
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