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Again with that cock ring

I gave this one more thought than you might at first imagine. Because Walter was not easily shocked; the man made his living sticking ice picks into people's brains, and when he wasn't doing that he was listening to the bizarre things they had to say before and after that had been done to them. He was also, to use the distressing euphemism one of his sons provided in an interview, "vigorous" -- he liked sex and had a lot of it, often with women who were not his wife. But he was born in 1895 and he had the nice upbringing a professional middle-class Philadelphian family provided, and that meant, or meant to Walter, as far as I can tell, that you can go totally wild if you like, but keep your damn mouth shut about it. He seems never to have acknowledged what everyone in his family knew, that he was chronically unfaithful to his wife. So I couldn't draw the stix I originally envisioned, which had the same setup but included a panel in which he said that since he'd carried on an affair with a married woman young enough to be his daughter, begun after he'd stuck ice picks into her brain in order to cause massive frontal lobe damage, young people today have no call to suggest that previous generations were sexually naive. Well, I probably could have made it funnier than that sentence suggests. But Walter would never discuss such a thing! I couldn't draw him saying it! Massive frontal lobe damage yes, affair with patient yes, affair with married patient twenty-two years your junior yes, but you don't talk about it, that's not nice!

(And I should mention here that it may not have happened, because neither of them ever copped to it, of course. It's something the patient's sister thought was going on. And it wouldn't surprise me.)

This patient, incidentally, is Sallie Ellen Ionesco, a mouthful of a name, who died only a few years ago, and whose daughter does not hesitate to say that her mother loved Walter. The daughter, Angelene Forester, loved Walter too: "He gave me my mother back," is how she put it in an interview. This is literally true: Mrs. Ionesco's troubling behavior had culminated in her attempting to smother four-year-old Angelene, and after being lobotomized she didn't do that anymore, so she could come home. Mrs. Forester can remember sitting on Walter's lap and tugging his beard. Always the beard.

Anyway, I don't think Walter would want to bandy Mrs. Ionesco's name, even now that they're both dead, and I certainly don't want to. So I drew this. Millions of mystery artifacts on scanned printer paper from the office, I didn't miss you.
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