The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Improbable anatomies

I like the way this skeleton came out, but mendel rightly points out that it's not shaped quite right for a stix -- it has, for example, clavicles, which stix must not have, unless they have clavicles that point steeply downward and end somewhere in their armpits. The rib cage should have a more pyramidal shape as well, and there should be no cervical vertebrae, as stix have no nex. But I'm comfortable with the idea that those kneecaps somehow fit into a stix knee when the flesh is pulled up over them, and that the tibiae and fibulae, and the radii and ulnae, somehow don't exactly fuse but occupy the same space at the same time. As for the bones of the feet, that's easy: stix are wearing shoes, that's how three rows of bones become one row of foot.

I'm reminded of that sculpture of Pac-Man's skeleton by French weirdo Julien Amouroux, aka Le Gentil Garçon: pacmanskeleton.jpg

I like that it has a vestigial coccyx. Perhaps stix have vestigial clavicles.
Tags: bones, stix
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