The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

The sin of pride means never having to say you're sorry

This is an improved version of something I did a long time ago, back when I first read Paradise Lost. As you can see, the universe is layered like a jawbreaker, with the outermost layer being the Primum Mobile, the First Mover. When Satan makes his first foray to Earth, and before he visits the Sun to ask for directions from Uriel, he lands here, on the crust of the universe: "So on this windie Sea of Land, the Fiend/Walk'd up and down alone bent on his prey." I don't know why no one shot Uriel a memo to let him know that Satan might try to disguise himself to get directions to Earth. I don't know why it didn't occur to Uriel, who after all is supposed to be a guardian, that any angel with legitimate business on Earth would already have been told how to get there. And I don't know why Satan needed directions to the exact center of the universe, though I guess it's pretty big, and it might be hard to fly in an exact straight line all the way down from the Primum Mobile.

I draw the Arch-Fiend with a little halo -- not as much of one as he used to have, just a trace of his former glory, which is now, as Milton tells us, "witherd." (The rebels, after all, don't get un-angeled, they remain, as Milton calls them, "gods," with all their strength and vigor, though less majestic.) And here I drew him with a curious expression, because he hasn't seen any of this stuff before, he's been only in Heaven or Hell, and this is good stuff, it's the universe! Satan was, after all, created to appreciate the work of God, and he does, he does -- he wouldn't be as chilling or as heartbreaking a villain if he didn't, when he first catches sight of Adam and Eve, soliloquize about how beautiful they are and how much he feels compelled to love them -- before deciding that he loves them so much that he's going to keep them with him forever in Hell AUGH NO THIS IS WHY PRIDE IS THE WORST SIN
Tags: john milton, paradise lost, satan, sphears, stix
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