The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

When guns are outlawed, only fallen angels will have guns

Things aren't going well for our antiheroes at the end of the first day of war in Heaven, according to Book Six of Paradise Lost. They had never experienced pain before, and Nisroc, the angel in the first panel, is kind of pissed off about it: "pain is perfet miserie, the worst/Of evils." He gives a speech about how if someone will invent something to turn the tide of battle, he'll be as grateful to that guy as he already is to Satan for leading them to this really great freedom, thanks so much, Satan. "Whereto with look compos'd Satan repli'd" that lucky for you mugs, your commander is a genius and already invented the thing. All we have to do is dig up the ground, find ore, smelt it, form it into tubes, make gunpowder which I also just thought of, and make some cannonballs, so let's get at it, OK? And all his followers are astonished -- as, frankly, I think anyone would be. They make a whole bunch of cannons and cannonballs (including chain shot!) in just one night, and proceed to royally fuck up God's angels the next day.

Milton uses the idea that the fallen angels later become pagan gods, and Nisroch (spelled like that) is a name I already knew, because he's a terrifying eagle-headed god who was worshiped in ancient Assyria at the time of Jonah. Presumably he didn't have an eagle's head yet during the war in Heaven, though I found it funny to imagine him that way among all the regular angels. My private joke with myself is that I gave him the kind of hair the Neo-Assyrians liked to depict themselves with in bas-reliefs and such.

All the fallen angels used to have regular angel names, ending in -el, presumably, as all angel names do (in Milton's system); I have long wondered what Satan's original name was, before he became "the Adversary."

Lastly, I was so pleased with that Satan in panel two that I made a wordless version, so you can make him say whatever you want:

I hope you like his portable military chair of state, I modeled it after Julius Caesar's.
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