The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Flawless victory (for the Second Temple, after being defiled by the sacrifice of pigs)

Two Chanukkah chomikks! I defy Google Chrome's red dashed line, that's how my family has always spelled Chanukkah and you can't make me adopt a more widely used spelling! Besides, Merriam-Webster lists it as an acceptable variant, and everyone knows the Jews control publishing, so Merriam-Webster probably knows what it's talking about here.

Of course you, my loyal readers, know that I already have a menorah, because I drew it last year. It was made in Israel, which probably means it was a gift from my aunt Lois who lived there, and is fairly utilitarian, ornamented only with a depiction of the six-branched Second Temple menorah that started it all. This menorah-in-menorah thing, like a picture-in-picture feature on a TV, intrigued me as a child, when all the Teeths (including my gentile mother) used to gather around the menorah (or chanukkiya if you want to be especially pedantic) and bet on which candle would last the longest. This isn't an official activity, but I don't think it's forbidden either, and anyway gambling is condoned on Chanukkah and betting on candles is way better than playing dreidel. For one thing it gets more challenging as the holiday goes on: after the third night it became possible that none of us would win. I guess that means the menorah won, and isn't that the point of Chanukkah?
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