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I have seen men complain that women on dating sites often say they are looking for a "partner in crime." I can understand how seeing the same phrase over and over can become wearisome. Men (and maybe women too) on dating sites often claim they are living life to the fullest. I have no idea what that means. But I try not to be too judgmental about this kind of thing because communicating with other human beings is difficult. It's not like communicating with Kaiju when I'm lying on my bed with my computer in front of me, because he spreads himself over my forearms at such times, between my face and the keyboard, and then it is very easy to communicate with him via scritching his belly or merely inclining my face downward so that it rests directly on his flank. He communicates meanwhile by purring lustily and doing that toe-flex thing that is a vestige of kneading behavior and means he is SO HAPPY OH MY GOD.

Speaking of dating and people being impossible, yesterday's mention of Kafka's belief that he was ugly and that girls probably wouldn't want to do him for free made me think of archy and mehitabel, specifically the passage in which the cockroach archy recalls what he looked like in his previous incarnation as a human vers libre poet (it was the crime of being a vers libre poet that caused him to be reborn as a cockroach):

some vers libre poets are beautiful
but i was not
i had a little blond mustache
that every one thought was a mistake
and yet since i have died
i have thought of that
with regret
it hung over a mouth
that i found it difficult to keep closed
because of adenoidal trouble
but it would have been better
if i could have kept it closed
because the teeth within
were out of alignment
and were odd sizes
this destroyed my acoustics
as you might say
my chin was nothing much
and knew it
and timidly shrank
into itself
receding from the battle of life
my eyes were all right
but my eyebrows
were scarcely noticeable
i suppose though that if
i had had noticeable eyebrows
they would have been wrong

Don Marquis, archy's author, started writing about him in 1916, the year after Kafka published The Metamorphosis, but the first English translation of the story wasn't published until the thirties, and it seems unlikely that Marquis was influenced by it. I think he and Kafka just both saw the inherent poetic potential of the cockroach.
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