The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

She's-a my partner, but she no speak

Tonight I'm going to services at the Reform temple in my neighborhood. I was a bit broody earlier, but Trumpcare just failed so I feel better now.

Here we see Kaiju as he performs the dance that tells a story, that story being, "I want you to feed me." I don't know why he does this, as he's shown himself very willing to serenade me and Nineveh, often in the middle of the night, often with no apparent reason. Actually, sometimes he seems to be serenading the bathroom sink, which holds a strange fascination for him. From time to time he'll get up on top of it, but he never seems to know what to do next, and will stare at me in an accusatory way as if this were all somehow my fault.

Nineveh neither meows nor writhes, except when I let her out of the apartment to explore the outer hallway, whereupon she will roll about ecstatically on the floor. She is much more reserved than Kaiju, which is just one of the ways in which they're a classic comedy duo -- the big talker and the mute (e.g., Chico and Harpo), the goofball and the straight man (e.g., Costello and Abbott), the big doofus and the little sharper (e.g., Pinky and the Brain, or Cow and Chicken, or Dee Dee and Dexter). Nineveh is even dressed for her role in an ill-fitting tuxedo. She sleeps in it too, like Groucho as Rufus T. Firefly at the beginning of Duck Soup. Have you watched Duck Soup since the election? You should, it's like a fever dream. And if anything, it's funnier now than before.
Tags: kaiju, marx brothers, nineveh, stix
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