The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Dear Neil Gaiman

Today on the uptown 1 train I was seated next to a man reading your novel Neverwhere. I, therefore, was also reading your novel Neverwhere. I am writing now to let you know that there is a word missing at the top of page 102 of the paperback edition of this book. "One us" should probably be "one of us," or maybe "one among us." I understand that you are English by birth and may therefore be inclined to choose the loftier preposition. I say go for it.

Mr. Gaiman, people probably say weird things to you all the time at book signings, so I don't flatter myself that you remember the weird thing I said to you that one time at Barnes and Noble when you were reading from Anansi Boys, especially since it really wasn't all that weird, unless you remember that I prefaced it by mentioning to the Stephen Brust fan directly in front of me on line that I had once almost poisoned Stephen Brust's parrot at a science fiction and fantasy convention in Minnesota. I asked you if the dedication in your book was a reference to Don Marquis' dedication in archy and mehitabel, and you said yes. Then I asked you if you needed a copy editor, because (I said) I was a very good one. I didn't say "Please help me, I'm stuck copy-editing A.D.A. Dragondyre and books about vampires in the FBI, once one of my authors said pineal when she meant finial." Nor did I say "Come on, we even have the same hair." I was good; I didn't tell you that I was almost frightened by the way the hundreds and hundreds of people in that room turned their faces to you as if they were flowers and you were the sun; nor did I say that I longed to touch the hem of your garment, though this metaphor occurred to me, or that if I had to be Cyrano de Bergerac it could at least be to someone with a name people would be impressed by.

You blew me off in the nicest way imaginable. You said that authors don't get to pick their copy editors; that most of the time you have no contact with them at all. I had known this. I had merely hoped it might be different for fantasy fiction's closest equivalent to a rock star. But I understand completely.

I just want you to know that I would have caught that missing word.

Yours very truly,
E. Teeth
Tags: a.d.a. dragondyre, bitter copy editor, books, celebrities, copy-editing, desperateattemptstojustifymyexistence, fear, neil gaiman, stephen brust's parrot, work
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