The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
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Join the Arch-Fiend on a tour of...

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N.B.: Milton uses deliberately ambiguous wording in describing the relative positions of the sun and the Earth, but the rest of his description of the Universe hews pretty closely to Ptolemy's geocentric model, especially the part about the "seven planets." He doesn't name them, but anyone in 1667 would have known he meant the ones shown here: the five known planets plus the moon and the sun. Where he wasn't specific, I followed Ptolemy.

It's embarrassing how long this took me to put together. All this stuff is from Book Three, and I'm in the middle of Book Six. I imagine it would make a good study aid, though, for someone.

Also: it's hard to draw people with wings in three-quarter face. Hard for me, I mean.
Tags: john milton, lol its ptolemy, paradise lost, people with wings, ptolemy, satan, sphears, stix, universe
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