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Don't bunk with Lewis Keseberg, though

I just finished a book about the wreck of the Medusa, which inevitably got me thinking about the Donner Party. The thing I find most interesting about them is that when forced to eat human flesh, the survivors parceled it out so that no one would have to eat a family member. There is no situation so horrible but that humans will establish rules in an attempt to make it less horrible, and I find this oddly inspiring. You can always make rules, even if it's only in your own head, to govern yourself.

Also, when that soccer team crashed in the Andes, everyone agreed not to eat the dead wife of one of the survivors. But that's just good manners.

Poll #1000041 He tried to kill me with a forklift

In an extreme survival situation where cannibalism became necessary, which would you choose?

Eating the remains of a loved one
Eating the remains of a stranger while someone else ate the remains of your loved one

Should I get another fatally ill cat to keep Attica company?

Yes, cats are good
No, what's with you and the dying pets?

Milton says Satan had another name, now unspoken, before he fell. What was it? (Don't say Lucifer, because all the angels have Hebrew names.)

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