The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Thoughts on seeing Blade Runner in the theater for the first time ("final cut")

  • Man, Rutger Hauer is beautiful.

  • Some of the best alterations the screenwriters did, in a long list of good alterations, were to names. Roy Batty gets the second t that I really wanted him to have in the book, the uncomfortably named Rosen Association becomes the Tyrell Corporation, and the andys of the book become the much sexier replicants. It goes without saying that the title of the movie itself is a vast improvement over the lame pun Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and the movie poster makes another improvement by adding the question mark that Philip K. Dick left out specifically, as far as I can tell, to annoy copy editors.

  • How were we supposed to pronounce Baty anyway?

  • I bet the overlap between people who like Blade Runner and people who like the short stories of Borges is pretty much 100%.

  • Roy pouts like a little kid when he's unhappy. That's fantastic. He is a little kid; he's four.

  • I really like the name "Roy Batty." If I ever get another cat with feline leukemia, that's what I will name him. If it's a girl cat, I'll name her Pris.

  • "Fiery the angels fell" sounded like Milton, but I didn't recognize it; turns out it's Blake, but it clearly wants to be Milton, just like the rest of the movie, just like Frankenstein.

  • I, like Roy, have seen things you people wouldn't believe. Specifically, on the way out of the theater, I saw men lined up out the door to use the bathroom, while women moved freely in and out of theirs. I had no idea this movie had such one-sided appeal. I mean, Rutger Hauer! In his underwear! Running around in the rain! Are you people made of stone?
Tags: beautiful men, blade runner, frankenstein, john milton, jorge luis borges, movies, philip k. dick, rutger hauer, wakeuptimetodie
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