The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Attila the Bun

Bulgaria and environs have been coming up in my conversations a lot recently. substitute has been encouraging me. As a result, things like this happen on IRC. (Tildes represent laughter.)

eyeteeth: I'm a Slav 4 U
substitute: Slav 2 the Rhythm
eyeteeth: Balkan to the Oldies
substitute: Do do do do the Hussar
substitute: Moscow Moscow man, I wanna be a Moscow man
eyeteeth: Oh dude, you are way too good at this.
substitute: the golden thread that connects eastern europe and disco forever
eyeteeth: You hold the Kiev my heart.
substitute: At first I was afraid, I was Petrograd
eyeteeth: ~~~
eyeteeth: That's just fucked up.
substitute: why is this so easy?
eyeteeth: I DON'T KNOW
substitute: Oo oo oo oo Stalingrad, Stalingrad. Stalingraaaaaaaaaaad
substitute: C C C P, so much fun in the C C C P
eyeteeth: You can hang out with all the Boyars!
eyeteeth: Hun is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.
substitute: hahahaha
substitute: Hallelujah, it's raining Pnin
eyeteeth: ~~~
eyeteeth: I saw a werewolf drinking a tumbler of arrack at Trader Marko's.
substitute: And his hair was Magyar. VERY Magyar.

Poll #1157635 Everyone likes polls!

Which of us should feel the most shame?

Are you kidding? That was awesome
Are you kidding? You should both be tried by the International War Crimes Tribunal

Despite the temperature, which has been forty-five degrees all day every day for what seems like years, I can tell spring is coming by certain unequivocal signs. A few brave pigeon cocks can be seen doing their weird dance for a few indifferent hens; the starlings' beaks have turned from black to bright yellow; and there are hot cross buns for sale in Therapy Park. Mm, buttercream icing.
Tags: bulgaria, polls, spring, substitute, therapy park, urban wildlife
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