The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Slaying of the firstborn

I used to write about serial killers an ungodly lot and now I don't do it that much anymore, which I think is good. This first paragraph kind of fell out of the sky onto me while I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law and nephew for Passover, and then I wrote some stuff to go with it.

I had loved him and so when he turned up with his throat slit, like I do, though all over his kitchen floor which is unlike, I was 150% pissed and went to talk to Danny and Declan and Balboa and Tancred-and-Tiffy and Gas Station and Nervous Necro, who hates that name but is stuck with it. We are none of us joiners except Tancred-and-Tiffy with each other but someone usually owes someone a favor so I thought one of them might know something. To find him like that, I said, was like someone pissing in my face. Which one of you pissed in my face?

"Fuck, just get another one," said Gas Station. Of the eight of us, or seven if you count Tancred-and-Tiffy as one, he is the least methodical. Declan and Nervous Necro are the most and the rest of us are somewhere in between but I had been saving this one. How many times had I imagined it and then to have it come out like this?

"Are you sure you didn’t do it yourself?" asked Tiffy. I would have said a certain thing in response except that Tancred scares the piss out of any rational person. He is about seven feet tall and I have seen what he can do. It is worse than anything I have ever done. Depending on your sensibilities I would say either Danny or Nervous Necro is the absolute worst, but Tancred-and-Tiffy come close. I started to cry because I had loved him and he was spoiled and Tiffy said she was sorry and Nervous Necro called me a fag. I punched him in the throat because he is about five and a half feet tall and though I have also seen what he can do it is impossible to be afraid of a face like his. He uses this to his advantage.

Confidential to my sister: I will have some stuff to say about your beautiful son soon, probably in the form of stick figures.
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