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Thrilling true tales

That last guy is my Mammon coworker Mike and in fairness I should mention that I do not wish to make time with him. That panel is included merely to represent the kind of geekiness I bring to the table. By the way, if you find an old copy of Henry Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage -- mine is from 1926 -- by all means look up the article "Preposition at End." Ideally it should be read aloud to the accompaniment of a military band:
...The fact is that the remarkable freedom enjoyed by English in putting its prepositions late & omitting its relatives is an important element in the flexibility of the language. The power of saying A state of dejection such as they are absolute strangers to (Cowper) instead of A state of dejection to which they are absolute strangers, or People worth talking to instead of People with whom it is worth while to talk, is not one to be lightly surrendered.... That depends on what they are cut with is not improved by conversion into That depends on with which they are cut; & too often the lust of sophistication, once blooded, becomes uncontrollable, & ends with, That depends on the answer to the question as to with what they are cut. Those who lay down the universal principle that final prepositions are "inelegant" are unconsciously trying to deprive the English language of a valuable idiomatic resource, which has been used freely by all our greatest writers except those whose instinct for English idiom has been overpowered by notions of correctness derived from Latin standards....
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