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Hope deferred maketh the heart stix

You can tell that's Walter Freeman in the fifth panel because of the goatee and the icepick, of course. I gave him a nametag to make him appear a little more medical even though by the time he gave this woman her third lobotomy he was in private practice and probably wouldn't have been wearing one. He was in private practice because no institution wanted to be affiliated with him which in turn was because it was the sixties or seventies and lobotomies had largely been rejected by the medical community in favor of drugs like Thorazine. But Walter was still gung ho on the procedure and if you really wanted a lobotomy you could go to his office and he'd give you one. The three-lobotomies woman felt some relief after operations one and two, but her symptoms came back both times, so she went in for a third. This time the icepick tore a blood vessel in her brain and she died. Walter had always had a fatality rate of about fifteen percent, if I recall correctly, but no one was willing to cut him any slack anymore, and he never lobotomized again.

Though from what I can tell Walter had a sort of Satanic disposition in the Miltonian sense, by which I mean that he started out trying to do the right thing and got intoxicated by his own power and sense of self-worth until he could no longer tell right from wrong, I don't think he was devoid of finer feelings. I like to think that if I had really asked him for a lobotomy in this way that he would have turned me down.
Tags: gruesome historical information, john milton, stix, walter freeman
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