The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

OMG Freeman!

I have been meaning for some time to get this biography in order to make myself even more obsessive and less possible to talk to. The desired effect was produced immediately when I flipped the book open at random in the store and OH MY GOD WALTER DID YOU FUCK ONE OF YOUR PATIENTS. Whether he did or not, I bet a lot of them would have let him. Most of them were women and he had a soothing voice and kind eyes. From the first page: "He was then forty, slightly over six feet tall, solidly built, with a receding hairline and a trim goatee that some of his psychiatric patients enjoyed pulling -- and Freeman liked having it pulled." Personally I cannot imagine that I would pull Dr. Waterford's goatee even if he had one, and I like Dr. Waterford a lot. But Walter was probably kind of an unusual psychiatrist anyway.

A little while ago, before picking up the biography, I wrote a little lobotomy sex scene myself. I guess it was inevitable for someone obsessed with lobotomies and obsessed with sex to get around to that eventually. I didn't post it because I was kind of embarrassed even to be writing such a horrible thing. Little did I know that lobotomy sex is not innovative in the slightest, Walter Freeman was doing it back in the forties. Allegedly.

I'll probably be posting a bunch of Walter Freeman comics as I read The Lobotomist. This is just the first in a series I like to think of as "Operation Cease and Desist Letter From Walter Freeman Junior."
Tags: dr. waterford, obsessivo, operation cease and desist letter, stix, walter freeman
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